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STASH Hotel Rewards for Wedding Planners

Now earn points for booking weddings or wedding-related events at Cedarbrook Lodge

Preferring hotels like ours – unique and authentic – for weddings and wedding-related events is only natural. These are venues with soul, each with a story to tell. How great would it be to be rewarded for hosting such an event at Cedarbrook Lodge? Well now you can!

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With STASH Hotel Rewards you may now earn points at Cedarbrook Lodge and redeem them for stays at a cool collection of independent hotels and resorts (including Cedarbrook Lodge) across the U.S.

It’s easy. At Cedarbrook Lodge, those who plan weddings can…

  • become a member of STASH Hotel Rewards
  • book a wedding or related event
  • earn points for wedding and event-related charges
  • redeem in a snap

Planners earn three (3) STASH Hotel Rewards points for every one US dollar ($1) on all room revenue regardless of form of payment – both Master Account and individual-pay rooms apply (less incidental charges) – as well as event room rental, plus banquet/catering, audio visual, florals and recreation (if provided by the hotel) revenue, exclusive of all taxes and service charges/gratuities, for weddings and wedding-related events booked through the Cedarbrook Lodge Sales or Catering Department. There is NO MAXIMUM number of STASH Hotel Rewards points per wedding event. And NO LIMIT on the annual number of weddings/events eligible if you are a professional Wedding Planner.

STASH Hotel Rewards points may be awarded to buyer, planner or designee. Qualified third-party planners are eligible to earn commission and points if point accrual of the third -party planner is disclosed in writing and with full knowledge and approval of the customer or end user.

For further details and to book your wedding and related event that earns STASH Hotel Rewards points, call 206-214-4150. Or click here to send an RFP.